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Shade Sails Fabric

Unlike conventional shade options, shade sails are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is a very strong and stable knitted fabric (Rachel-knitted – to ensure material will not unravel when cut), specifically developed in Australia for outdoor use. It allows air to circulate, thereby producing a significantly cooler environment.

The fabric has UV additives providing up to 96% protection against harmful UV rays and offers up to 95% shade protection. This fabric is also showerproof.

Choose from 15 different colours.

The fabric has been wind tested to a rating of 200km/h – Gale Force 12 is 118km/h!

Our fabric has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation, based on continuous exposure to the sun.

The fabric is fire rated to AS 1530.02 standards.

All our shade sails are bespoke and made in the UK to an extremely high standard. The corners are reinforced with webbing edges or wire rope (which is sewn throughout the perimeter), depending on the size of your sail.

Installations are normally completed within 3 weeks.

When choosing the correct fabric it is imperative to consider the UV protection that shade sails offer. Some companies state that fabric such as Acrylic or PVC is "UV resistant" – this simply means the fabric will not deteriorate from the sun’s harmful rays.

Are foxes or other animals making a mess in your sandpit? Our sandpit covers will stop them being a nuisance. Our fabric will also stop rainwater pooling, making them easier to remove – please contact us for further information.

Example of completed Shade Sails projectExample of completed Shade Sails projectExample of completed Shade Sails project

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